Stacking towers

Crown Stacking Tower


Crown Stacking Tower

It is an unusual flat stacking tower. You can play with separate details as parts of a building set. You can assemble it in any order. The heart is a symbol of love that unites us. The crown reminds that each person can become a king. A blue ball signifies the beautiful planet we all live on.



Solid wood
Water-based eco-friendly paint

21x9x4 cm

Made in Russia

Our toys are made of natural, carefully sun-dried linden wood and coated with safe paints without the use of lacquer. Thus, they retain the natural, velvety texture of the wood.

How to use?

- Use the details as a building set

- While playing, discuss what equality and diversity mean

- Outline the details with a pencil on a paper, draw some other details to make images

- Put a crown on your head and try to walk through the room

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