Building blocks

GES-2 Building Blocks "Inner Feeling"


GES-2 Building Blocks "Inner Feeling"

Toys created by Raduga Grez in collaboration with GES-2 bring the world of childhood and contemporary art closer together.

The Building Blocks are a sensation-representation of the internal space of GES-2, the reconstruction of which belongs to the Italian architect Renzo Piano, the author of the Pompidou Center in Paris.

The Building Blocks recognize specific elements of the GES-2 space: pipes, stairs, a green crane, a large arched window on Prospect.

If the GES-2 building is a frozen form that you can admire, see how the building inside changes depending on exhibitions and performances or time of day and year, then the Building Blocks give the child the opportunity to directly interact with this space, change it and completely reassemble it.

These are toys for creative exploration by children of any age.
There is no final result here: creativity, search and fantasy need air. In free play, everything that was previously locked becomes open.


The toys are made in Russia, in small batches by third-generation carpenters. The Building Blocks are made from solid linden, the wood from which icons and nesting dolls were historically made in Rus'. The parts are coated with safe, environmentally friendly and translucent water-based paint, which leaves a unique wood pattern and its natural velvet texture.


Made in Russia

Painted with water-based paint, the cubes have a visible wood pattern and texture to the touch. The sharp corners of the cubes have been removed so that you will not be hurt if you accidentally step on them.

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