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Stacking towers

Stacking Tower Sand



Stacking Tower Sand


A classical stacking tower in beige colors.
Sand shades remind of a day spent on the seashore. Have you ever had a close look at the grains of sand? They consist of countless different shades which make together a perfect harmony of color.



Solid wood
Water-based eco-friendly paint

17x12х12 cm

Made in Russia

Our toys are made of natural, carefully sun-dried linden wood and coated with safe paints without the use of lacquer. Thus, they retain the natural, velvety texture of the wood.

How to use?

- String the discs on a twine or a ribbon

- Build figures on a flat surface. For example, a caterpillar or a snowman

- Roll discs down the inclined surface

- Assemble a pyramid in a top-down or random way

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