Building blocks

Big Building Blocks "Blue over Multicolored"


Big Building Blocks "Blue over Multicolored"

With these Building Blocks, anyone can become an abstract artist, assemble Kandinsky's "Blue over Multicolored”, or play with colors and shapes to create their own masterpiece.

The Building Blocks were created in collaboration with the Pushkin Museum, where the works of Kandinsky are presented. Playing it will make art simpler, clearer and more accessible for children, it will teach you to notice the beautiful, it will become an occasion to talk about artists, paintings and museums.
When details are assembled, they form a picture, and if they are disassembled, you get large building blocks: it contains details of different shapes and sizes in shades selected by Kandinsky himself.


Solid wood
Water-based eco-friendly paint


Made in Russia

Each element of these Building Blocks is cut out of linden and painted by hand. We use eco-friendly paints that are approved for children from birth and do not use varnish, which preserves the velvety texture of the wood

How to use?

Build a three-dimensional picture based on Kandinsky and draw it.

Use details as building material and assemble avant-garde structures.

Find objects of the same colors as the designer parts.

Lay out the details on sheets of colored paper, circle, cut out and make an abstract application.

Try other combinations of details and discuss the features of an abstract composition.

Go to the Pushkin Museum, find paintings similar in style and talk about what they have in common and how they differ, what mood they have, what feelings they evoke.

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