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Falconnier Arcs


Falconnier Arcs

These arcs are like a gem: hide each piece in different places, draw a map and go on a treasure hunt. The Falconnier arcs are similar to the classic ones, but they have a peculiarity - they are mirrored. Use it in the game - put one part on the mirror and see the whole in reflection. Magic no less than Falconnier bricks!

We made these arcs in collaboration with the Schusev State Museum of Architecture, to make this art closer and more understandable to children, to remind about visiting the museum and to inspire them to get acquainted with architecture.


Solid wood
Water-based eco-friendly paint


Made in Russia

Each element is cut out of linden and painted by hand. We use eco-friendly paints that are approved for children from birth and do not use varnish, which preserves the velvety texture of the wood

How to use?

Arrange a quest: hide parts of the arcs in different places, draw a map and collect a gem.

Build a tunnel - just make arcs in a row and roll rolling toys under them.

Put half of the toy on the mirror and see the whole in reflection.

Come up with names for all the colors and find those around you.

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