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Half Sphere Earth


Half Sphere Earth

As familiar simple arcs, but three-dimensional, and therefore more interesting! Made on the principle of the traditional matryoshka doll, but in a modern version. This toy can replace ten other toys. Use the hemispheres as utensils, as cribs, houses or caves for toys, arrange from small to large, build towers, store treasures, stack into each other, pour flour, cereal or balls into the sphere, and pour into another sphere. Treat everyday play as an adventure, stay curious and enjoy your discoveries!

Colored in non-gendered colors, the wood pattern is visible and touchable. They look like a nut shell, like a shell with a mollusk hiding inside.

Perfectly matches other toys of ours and increases their play potential. Takes up little space if you're a minimalist or just a fan of functionality.


Solid wood
Water-based eco-friendly paint


Made in Russia

The hemispheres are made of solid wood by lathe turning. We buy the material from a responsible supplier and dry the wood ourselves. This is a long process, that takes 2 years. But we know for sure that truly quality things are worth the wait.

How to use?

- Build a tower placing hemispheres in a different order

- Arrange hemispheres in a descending order

- Play with pieces like dishes

- Explain the structure of the Earth by laying out sphere after sphere

- Combine with the stacking tower pieces to create the tallest tower

- Hide the hemispheres inside each other as if it is a nesting doll

- Play as the hemispheres are caves and houses for dolls and animals

- Create funny hats, smile and make pics of each other

- Pour the cereal into the hemisphere, practice pouring it from one hemisphere to the other

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