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Imaginative play

"Criminal Pancakes" set



"Criminal Pancakes" set


Even five minutes of waiting in a cafe is an eternity for kids. If you take pancakes in a cotton bag with you, you can have fun without cartoons on your phone.
With the cafe Eggsellent, we've made "Criminal Pancakes" with fried eggs, bacon and a cube of butter. From the ingredients you can not only cook your own breakfast, but also make funny faces.
All parts are made of solid wood and covered with eco-friendly paint, approved from birth.

What's in the set?
3 pancakes of different sizes
2 strips of bacon
2 fried eggs: bigger and smaller
Butter cube


Solid wood
Water-based eco-friendly paint

14x13x7 cm

Made in Russia

The toy is carved and painted by hand in a small family workshop in Russia.

How to use?

-Prepare breakfast according to a classic recipe or come up with your own.

-Make funny faces out of ingredients or build a tower.

-Combine with a tea set, vegetables or fruits.

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