Stacking towers

Small Sculpture Stacking Tower


Small Sculpture Stacking Tower

The process of playing with a sculptural stacking tower is as creative as watching the clouds floating on the sky. What does a pyramid resemble? A tower? A lighthouse? Maybe a vase for flowers or a spool of thread? Make a competition on who comes up with more ideas. Roll the details on the floor or put them one on top of another and enjoy interesting, untypical colors.



Solid wood
Water-based eco-friendly paint

14x11х11 cm

Made in Russia

The toy is made of linden in our small local factory in Russia. It is coated with safe paints without the use of lacquer.

How to use?

- Disassemble the tower and assemble it back, placing details in any order

- Ask a child to use imagination and say what the details look like. The winner is the one who comes up with the most comparisons (wheels, eyes, plates, vinyl records etc.)

- Wind some woolen thread around the tower and it will look like a spool

- Roll the details and see which one rolls faster

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