Arch stackers

Cupola Arcs


Cupola Arcs

Cupolas tower over small Russian villages and adorn megalopolises like Moscow and St. Petersburg. Sometimes they are quite simple on the outside, but with magnificent paintings on the inside.

So the Cupolas Arch Stacker hides more than meets the eye – more games, more fun, more creativity and time together with children. They can be used to build a cave or a sultan's palace, a village for dolls or a rainbow house for a magical fairy. The smallest part of the set turns into a seed, from which the colorful flowers grow.


Solid wood
Water-based eco-friendly paint

9х15х4 cm

Made in Russia

The toy is made of linden, it is light but stable, with a carefully preserved wooden texture. We make all the toys by hand in a small workshop in Russia.

How to use?

- Build a tiered tower

- Find a mirrored surface, attach arcs to it and see what you get

- Lay out on paper, like bowls of flowers, and use a colored pencil to complete the stems

- Build a cave or shelter for a tiny toy

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